Ai Kurosawa

    • Country: Japan
    • City: Shiga
    • Age: 37
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Height: 0 cm (0 ft 0 in)
    • Tattoos: No
    • Piercings: No
    • Rating: 4.15
    • Views: 131 042
Anyone who was into the JAV scene in the early and mid 2000s could not have avoided the name Ai Kurosawa. She was an indisputable JAV superstar and was an inspiration to many horny young men during that period! She burst onto the scene in 2001 and was very active in making films with some of the large studios to the end of 2005. She then went on a year and a half's hiatus during 2006 to mid-2007, during which time she worked as an exotic dancer. Then, like another legend of the early 2000s, Jun Kusanagi, Ai returned to JAV films. However, her comeback was not successful as she had been superceded by other JAV idols who followed in her trail-blazing path and her later films seemed to lack the energy and imagination of her earlier work. Since 2008, Ai has again retired, probably now forever. Good thing we have an amazing body of work to remember her by!What makes Ai so special? A number of things. First, a great figure with curves, a pert ass and great tits, which are all natural and arguably the best among her contemporaries and all-time JAV stars. At 167cm, she is also surprisingly tall compared to your average Japanese female - this enables her to fill out a wide variety of different costumes. Second, she has a beautiful face with nice skin, big eyes, and a winning smile. Last, she has the extremely rare quality of embodying both girly charm and womanly sexuality. One minute she could be looking at the camera with doe-eyes and speaking in a girly (yet sexy) voice, then the next she could be riding the cameraman with great force and vigor. And unlike many JAV stars, you got the impression that she loved it!Her sexual appetite led Ai to do a wide number of films in various genres. Many of the films obviously take advantage of her great figure and frequently feature her doing titty-fucking (paizuri). Check out the unsubtly named 'Office Life with Obscene Busty Secretary' to see Ai engaging in this specialty. Ai also displays a lot of fun in her sexual activities - very much on display in both 'Manco Maniax' where she gyrates arounds in pleasuring her pussy, and 'Hyper Magic Mirror Box Car Special' where she enjoys group sex with three other JAV beauties and a number of men. Finally, I can heartily recommend Ai engaging in interracial sex (even now it is still rare for the genre to feature a star of Ai's status) in 'Black Man Sex', where she has an absolute ball enjoying herself with some 'brothas'. Ai, we salute you!

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